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Packed with the latest encoding technology and a sophisticated bundling and caching algorithm, the mb:cast product family lets you transfer video wherever you have an internet connection.

Mobile Broadcast – Overview

Packed with the latest encoding technology and a sophisticated bundling and caching algorithm, the mb:cast product family lets you transfer video footage wherever you have an internet connection. Video delivery from the shooting location to the TV studio is quick, cost effective and bandwidth scalable. Back at the studio, editors can start working while on-location shooting is still in progress. For store-and-forward workflows a broadcast optimized file transfer software with integrated transcoding and a streaming engine significantly accelerates file delivery in time critical situations like news gathering or sports coverage. As an adaptable solution, the mb:cast Server is installed at the production site and the free mb:cast Streamer software can be provided to an unlimited number of clients. For even greater mobility at the shooting location use our mb:cast Mobile Unit. Equipping freelancers and subcontractors has never been easier or more cost effective.


mb:cast Server

The mb:cast server is the backbone of the mb:cast product line allowing broadcasters and TV studios to receive streams delivered with the free client software. Via the built-in SDI output, it can easily be integrated into an existing studio environment. Alternatively, the server software can be installed on any of our just:store NAS devices. The mb:cast server is an ideal solution for going live, if a conventional SNG is not available or is not within budget. If you do not need live coverage but time is still critical, content can be delivered about three times faster than with conventional FTP solutions. The mb:cast server automatically transcodes incoming video streams to a predefined target format (like XDCAM HD, D10, DV) during transfer. Only small amounts of compressed data need to be transferred across the internet and large files suited for editing can be accessed immediately within the local area network. Live footage can be played out during transfer or whenever needed, using the intuitive user interface.


mb:cast Streamer

With the mb:cast streamer software, ENG crews and journalists can deliver their content via broadband internet connection to any broadcaster using an mb:cast server. Simply connect your camera to your laptop and instantly stream your footage to the mb:cast server unit. The footage is available on the server in realtime, and can be downloaded immediately after recording is completed. No additional steps are required for delivery. Conventional FTP solutions require encoding before submission and decoding by the recipient. mb:cast Streamer eliminates this cumbersome process. Upon launch, mb:cast Streamer automatically detects connected P2 or XDCAM drives. A single click delivers your footage. Should you lose the internet connection during transmission, your video footage will still arrive interruption-free as mb:cast Streamer automatically continues trans­mission once the connection is reestablished.


mb:cast Mobile Unit

The mb:cast Mobile Unit has been designed to make field operation as comfortable and simple as possible. Following a minimalistic design the most important features are accessible by high-quality mechanical switches. Video transmission can be monitored on a small LCD on the front of the device, which is easily visible even when carried with a shoulder strap. The display is also sunlight-visible allowing operators to see important status information easily on outdoor shootings.


Key Features

  • Live streaming or remote ingest via multiple bonded connections
  • Equip unlimited clients with the free mb:cast streamer software
  • Significantly faster than conventional FTP 
  • Sophisticated bundling and caching algorithm
  • Automatic video transcoding during transfer
  • Single click footage delivery
  • Failsafe mechanism for unstable internet connections
  • Small and handy mobile unit
  • 6 USB Ports for multiple 3G/4G modems
  • SDI or HDMI input
  • High profile, true interlaced H.264
  • Passive cooling, no motorized parts
  • V-Mount or Anton Bauer battery connector
  • External power supply
  • Stream your project directly out of the timeline using Adobe® Premiere® Pro

Includes Plug-In for Adobe Premiere CS5 and later.

Includes Plug-In for Adobe Premiere CS5 and later. 32- and 64-bit versions.