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ToolsOnAir’s onCore® is a powerful and ground- breaking new software component architecture at the heart of the system, designed to deliver the ultimate in multipurpose broadcast and workflow automation.


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With onCore, ToolsOnAir has created an all-new software infrastructure; combined with mediaCore, ToolsOnAir’s Linux-based media engine, broadcast professionals on any Linux-based platform can now experience ToolsOnAir’s intuitive Mac-based workflow and seamless integration of ingest, playout, storage, and realtime graphics.

With onCore you can:

  • Build Complex Broadcast Workflows using onCore designer
  • Integrate and Customize ToolsOnAir and Third Party Products
  • Deploy Solutions Locally and in the Cloud

What is onCore designer?

onCore designer is a visual programming environment to build and develop your ideas – without writing a single line of code. This paradigm is used in many modern applications as it is an easy-to-learn, yet powerful and versatile approach to accomplish simple and complex tasks. From multi-channel ingest and production with just:in and live:cut, and central asset management via just:store, to powerful realtime, interactive graphics with composition:builder and fast, intuitive rundown creation and playout automation via just:play and just:live, ToolsOnAir has designed onCore to enable smooth integration with the user’s existing hardware and software.



Why onCore?

Economical and technological developments in the last years have reshaped the media lands­cape in general and the broadcast environment in particular: streaming, cloud-based computing, the transition to IP and heavily shifted consumer demands are pushing broadcasters to adapt quicker and more agile to face this rapidly changing market. onCore is the perfect tool to face these challenges.

Our Vision

At ToolsOnAir we imagine a future where the customer is able to build his own products based on onCore components. This not only provides unsurpassed flexibility but also allows to integrate and migrate legacy systems – a requirement which becomes more and more vital in this rapidly changing market.

Key Features

  • Build Complex Broadcast Workflows with onCore designer
  • Integrate and Customize the ToolsOnAir just:broadcast Suite
  • Deploy Solutions – Locally or in the Cloud
  • No need to write code
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Project-based
  • Fully scriptable via JavaScript + Shell Script
  • HTML5 compatible Canvas Rendering
  • Plug-In Engine
  • Complex Workflows can be packaged and reused as Subworkflows
  • Optional Background Daemon
  • MOS Newsroom Integration
  • Simple User Interface Creation

Use Cases

  • Router/Switcher Control (Nevion, Kumo…)
  • Encoding and Transcoding
  • Ingest and Playout Control + Monitoring
  • General Monitoring and Failover
  • Automation of file-system tasks (copying, backup, folder synchronization…)
  • Database Processing (SQL, Cassandra, axle…)
  • Data Processing for real-time Graphics
  • Smart Automation & Flexible Middleware
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Rapid Prototyping & Complex System Abstraction
  • Statisticalization

System Requirements

  • Apple Macintosh Computer
  • OS X 10.11.6 or macOS 10.12