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JOIZ Integrates Social Media with Traditional Broadcast in Switzerland

Highslide JSFounded by Swiss Television veterans Kurt Schaad, Alexander Mazzara and IT visioner Peter Schulz, JOIZ is a revolutionary concept on the Swiss media landscape. The station went live in March 2011, after a short but intensive startup phase beginning in winter 2010/11.

JOIZ was created to address a clear lack of programming for viewers in the 14 - 29 year old demographic. Even stalwarts like MTV have failed to maintain market share in this age group, and JOIZ has moved quickly to fill the gap. ToolsOnAir was contacted to address the JOIZ concept of integrating traditional broadcast TV with social media, web and mobile applications. Of particular importance was the interactivity between local viewers and moderators. Working with ToolsOnAir and German broadcast automation supplier step2e, JOIZ has created a high level virtual studio with exceptional automation capability. News stories will be fed automatically from step2e’s newsroom system to ToolsOnAir just:live, delivering the flexibility to handle even the most last minute changes via just:live’s innovative GUI design. Additionally, ToolsOnAir’s just:play will handle the channel’s fully automated 24/7 playout. "A concept like JOIZ can only be maintained via a high level of automation, and ToolsOnAir is a big part of that," remarked Peter, CTO of JOIZ. ToolsOnAir’s highly advanced XML interface allows easy integration of third party scheduling and automation systems, including live events, real-time graphics and even real-time text insertion by journalists. "With the live feed from Facebook, we have a much more immediate interaction between our viewers and our moderators," adds Schulz. "Many of our viewers participate in what we call Second Screen interactivity, where they use a second device like an iPad, mobile phone or computer to communicate while watching TV." This means tight integration with Twitter and Facebook, making voting and other feedback on programs and playlists both immediate and dynamic. "A concept like this can only be realized with today´s IT-based technology," remarked Gilbert Leb, VP of Sales for ToolsOnAir. "The response time with Twitter and Facebook is exceptionally tight, and we´re working with the fastest IT protocols available to keep pace." Real interactivity has always been something of a Holy Grail in the broadcast world. Using the very latest in IT technology, JOIZ has proven that the immediacy of the Internet has arrived in the traditional broadcast world.