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Argentina´s America TV Improves Broadcasts with ToolsOnAir

Highslide JSAmerica TV is one of Argentina´s three biggest television channels. Currently broadcasting from the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, America TV´s programming includes news broadcasts, comedy, sports and talk shows.

To allow for greater flexibility in their news broadcasts and live shows, America TV recently chose Digital Tree for integrating ToolsOnAir´s just: Broadcast Suite. Technical Director Santiago Guimerans and his team did intensive research prior to selecting ToolsOnAir, and explains that ToolsOnAir´s Broadcast Suite enables greater flexibility with their existing news room system and will better accommodate future broadcast requirements. "In addition to its open architecture, ToolsOnAir`s software has reduced the maintenance costs of internal technical support, and enables us to use off-the-shelf hardware from Apple and AJA," says Guimerans. Guimerans points out that the challenges the station faces are far more easily addressed with ToolsOnAir`s flexible software-based solution than with the currently available black box systems. "As a news station, it was very important that ToolsOnAir integrate with our existing ENPS news room system from Associated Press," continued Mr. Guimerans. "The integration with news room systems is an important part of our product development, as we already have implemented Annovas news room solution Open Media and other solutions," said Gilbert Leb, ToolsOnAir vice president of sales and marketing. With just:live, designed to incorporate on-air videos and real-time graphics into live news broadcasts, America TV delivers their daily news shows in connection with the ENPS News Room system which transfers the news broadcast to the just:live playout. America TV also uses ToolsOnAir just:in for recording their daily shows and re-broadcasting them over the just:play Master Control. America TV is so impressed by the performance of the ToolsOnAir solutions that they´ve begun implementing ToolsOnAir in their regional studios throughout Argentina, such as SetOne, where they ingest and also playout some of the shows produced in their facilities.