Press Release: ToolsOnAir announces new versions of just:in linux, just:play/just:live and just:store.

Vienna, Austria, September 2020 – After months of intensive development, the ToolsOnAir team is proud to announce new versions of its acclaimed broadcast solutions just:in linux, just:play/just:live and just:store, featuring many improvements and additional functionalities requested by customers and in line with current industry standards. 

What’s new in the upcoming just:in linux version 5.0:

Amongst many additions and improvements the new version of just:in linux introduces NDI® and SRT input support, extended UHD (4K) and UHD2 (8K) recording abilities, a new user and multi-viewer template management, automatic output conversion of incoming signals and markers for Adobe Premiere Pro.  

“The focus in version 5.0 was put on implementing customer requests as well as complying with industry standards and revise the just:in linux hardware to allow for best-in-class performance” says Christian Schabasser, Senior Product Manager Ingest solutions at ToolsOnAir.

What’s new in the upcoming just:play/just:live version 3.0:

The new version 3.0 of ToolsOnAir playout solutions just:play and just:live has been partially re-written to accommodate the advantages of macOS Catalina and ensure readiness for future macOS versions to come. Amongst many usability improvements version 3.0 will feature full SDK support for qualified AJA and Blackmagic Design devices and introduce just:control as the new main user interface in order to unify the control user interface for both ingest and playout solutions.

“The development efforts for version 3.0 of our playout solutions were concentrated on improving the user experience by unifying the control interface for all ingest and playout applications and elevate the core code basis to cope with current and future macOS released, in order to secure our current and future customer’s investments in our technology for years to come” says Georg Deisting, Senior Product Manager Playout solutions at ToolsOnAir.

What’s new in the upcoming just:store version 4.0:

The new version 4.0 just:store targets users and administrators that need improved  setup capabilities and better status visibility of their just:store storage solution. Featuring a redesigned user interface as well as introducing powerful new additions such as an extensive REST API, Network Bandwidth Management for combined read and write operations and an improved Authentication management, just:store is an excellent choice for broadcast professionals that require speed, reliability and dedicated optimisations for ingest, editing and playout scenarios at a very competitive price.

“In version 4.0 we wanted to further improve both the system data provision accuracy of our user interface and the user experience for turnkey deployments. This new version marks a new milestone for the just:store solution line providing new features  such as an extensive REST API, improved authentication management and many others to further enhance our commitment to competitive and market oriented storage solutions” says Tobias Gotthard, Product Manager Storage solutions at ToolsOnAir.

All solutions are planned to ship within Q4 2020 and customers with an active Support and Software Maintenance contract will be able to upgrade their current version(s) free of charge.

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