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Professional broadcast places unique demands on a storage solution: speed, reliability, low latency, file-level access, consistent bandwidth and easy scalability. just:store honors all of these requirements at an unbeatable price!

The Love-Hate Relationship called Storage

For most broadcast professionals buying storage is like buying life insurance: both are unloved, both are a necessity – and in both cases wrong decisions aren’t discovered until it’s too late. When purchasing storage, broadcasters unfortunately often make bad choices. After investing in expensive solutions from reputable storage companies, they discover that traditional manufacturers don’t understand broadcast and high-bandwidth multimedia environments.

The new just:store honors the needs of professional broadcast with its new interface, higher performance, better hardware and more storage at an unbeatable price!

Broadcast is Different


Professional broadcast places unique demands on a storage solution. Speed and reliability are just starting points. Low latency, file-level access, consistent bandwidth and easy scalability are mandatory. Until now fulfilling these requirements at an acceptable cost was a daunting if not impossible task.

ToolsOnAir understands broadcast and we understand value for money. just:store is the first storage solution built by broadcast professionals for broadcast professionals. Starting at 24 TB (4-bay) and scaling up to 192 TB (24-bay) per chassis we offer a solution to fit every need and every budget. All our systems support an unlimited number of clients and come with a three year hardware warranty.


Unique Features

  • Bandwidth Profiles: select the Profile which works best for your environment (Playout, Editing, Ingest).
  • EA Management: just:store takes care of filesystem operations to avoid extended attributes and access issues that could interrupt operations.
  • TOA Broadcast Suite Integration: just:store seamlessly integrates with just:play, just:live and just:in.
  • TOA Caching Engine: just:store goes further in the QoS for media jobs. The smart Caching Engine manages the different layers of the disk controller, operating system and network interfaces – ensuring reliability and performance for your tasks.
  • Improved Project Handling: The classical Project handling approach allows you to save Projects anywhere on your just:store. You can now open the same Project in as many places as you want.

Bandwidth Profiles

  • Select Playout and just:store prioritizes clients requesting files to read. Write operations will be of secondary importance.
  • Select Ingest if you need a capture process which is unaffected by any other read or write operations on the just:store system.
  • Select Edit if you want equal priority for read and write requests.

Key Features

  • NAS with 24 TB to 192 TB in a single chassis
  • Block-level striping with double distributed parity RAID 6 (customized parity is also available)
  • 19" standard rack unit 1U to 4U/12- and 24-bay
  • 3.5" enterprise class SAS drives, hot swappable
  • Multiple chassis support (4, 12 and 24-bay)
  • One spare enterprise class SAS drive included for every 12 drive set-up
  • E3 (just:store mini) and E5 (just:store) Xeon CPUs
  • System RAM from 32 GB to 64GB
  • Multiple expansion slots (depending on model)
  • Easy and affordable expansion via JBOD
  • Web-based administration and monitoring tools
  • Internet sharing
  • Sharepoint and user management
  • Adaptive read/write prioritization
  • Intelligent Caching Engine
  • Automatic email notifications

Protocol & Network Clients Support

  • Dual 10 GBit Ethernet on-board
  • SMB v1, v2, AFP, NFS v3, v4
  • At least Windows XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.4 or Linux Kernel Version 3.x