MediaShop Saves Production Time with live:cut

MediaShop, an Austrian based teleshopping broadcaster successfully operating in twelve European countries and reaching 100 million potential customers daily, use live: cut, our innovative and time saving solution for multi-camera production environments to produce high quality tele-shopping videos.

live: cut makes the most of modern multi-camera productions, dramatically reducing production time by eliminating many time-consuming production processes. live: cut centralizes ingest, metadata, live logging, media management and workflow automation in a single, intuitive interface. Re-edits and post-production tasks can be immediately performed, even while recording.

Accommodating up to sixteen channels of multi-camera ingest, live: cut creates a real-time vision mixer’s EDL, which is instantly processed into a multi-camera timeline in your NLE of choice. A single button starts and stops the recording process. Notes, labels, markers and comments can easily be set during the recording.

The heart of Media Shop’s live: cut turnkey solution is a customized rack housing a 12-core MacPro built into a Sonnet X Mac Pro chassis with two Blackmagic Design Decklink Quad cards. This engine is running live: cut 1.4.1 and ingesting the feeds from five cameras. A Blackmagic Design Atem 2M/E Production Studio 4K serves as the main switcher and is also controlled by live: cut. To improve ease-of-use a X-Key programmable keypad has been added making it a breeze to set cuts and markers. Final editing is done with Adobe Premiere CC.

live: cut supports multiple recording destinations. In the MediaShop setup data is written simultaneously to two Pegasus R6 direct attach storage units. This redundancy guarantees extra security and ensures that no data is lost during production. Rounding out this custom installation is a centrally generated timecode which is sent to all devices and automatically synchronised providing an optimal solution for both studio and live production. 

We visited Richard Barnhouse, production manager at MediaShop, to find out why he selected ToolsOnAir’s live: cut to meet his production needs.

ToolsOnAir: Why did you decide to go with ToolsOnAir and live: cut?

Richard Barnhouse: One reason was the local proximity that allows for easy communication and support. We were looking for a stable turnkey solution that integrates with standard hardware. A simple workflow plus easy learning were also very high on our priority list. That’s exactly what ToolsOnAir offered. 

ToolsOnAir: You also looked at competitive products offering similar solutions. What were the unique benefits offered by live: cut?

Richard Barnhouse: There are few comparable products. live: cut is the only solution that provides a centralized production system. From ingest to the final product everything happens on a single machine. Additionally, the ability to predefine a whole production, the naming conventions, where to find data and where to deliver data to plus an automated track laying of the audio and video signal makes working with live: cut extremely comfortable and timesaving.

ToolsOnAir: How would you sum up your experience with live: cut?

Richard Barnhouse: We save about three days per production which is incredible. The acquisition costs have already been compensated after a few productions.

About ToolsOnAir

ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering has redefined the TV station of tomorrow, providing powerful Mac and Linux based solutions that integrate storage, ingest, playout and real-time graphics into a streamlined workflow. Controlled by an intuitive user friendly interface, ToolsOnAir’s just: Broadcast Suite and flow: rage Workflow Appliances combine video, audio and graphics with powerful automation and multi-format asset management, consistently meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced broadcast and IPTV facilities.

About MediaShop

Founded in October 1999 and based in Neunkirchen, Austria, MediaShop is one of the most successful DRTV (Direct Response TV Operators) in the German speaking world. MediaShop’s Teleshop broadcasts can be see on major broadcast channels in Austria, Germany and Switzerland reaching a potential audience of 100 million customers daily. Always on the lookout for the new and innovative, MediaShop offers high quality products at attractive prices bringing viewers the newest and best for the kitchen and home, sport and fitness, and wellness and beauty.