just:CC is an AI based realtime Closed Captioning generator and inserter. It generates CEA608/708 CC data and inserts them into the VANC data stream of SD, HD, UHD and 4K signals.

Industry leading accuracy

just:CC uses a state-of-the-art, industry leading speech-to-text engine. Depending on the content, it’s able to produce an accuracy around 90%. In many cases, it performs more accurate than a human captioner.

Supports all common CC formats

just:CC generates CEA608/708 Captions and “608 embedded in 708” CC data and is also able to detect and pass through already existing CC data. Once the data is generated it is inserted into the output signal using off-the-shelf hardware.

Encoding Quality & Realtime Insertion

just:CC delivers a high-quality CC insertion you expect in a professional broadcast environment by using industry leading speech-to-text recognition technology. The tight integration with hardware from AJA, Apple and Blackmagic Design allows to generate and insert the data using a single workstation.

24/7 Closed Captioning generator and inserter

just:CC empowers broadcasters to generate and insert Closed Captions onto their channel, even if the live signal or pre-made content does not come with CC data. Being entirely on-premise this is done independently of any internet connection.

Easy Customization

just:CC is engineered to enable easy customisations such as defining the target language, the accuracy/speed of the encoder, the ability to force upper case captions on screen as well as recognising text by adding sentences to both a white- and blacklist.

One User Interface

just:CC’s intuitive graphical user interface allows the operator to adjust operationally critical settings, like how the CC data is generated and how captions appear on screen. This includes the ability to select the target language and to define the accuracy/speed of the encoder, the ability to force upper case captions on screen and to refine the recognised text by adding sentences to both a White- and Blacklist. Its User Interface allows to adjust the on screen appearance even while on air.

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac Pro, iMac, iMac Pro or Mac mini
  • Apple macOS Catalina (10.15.x) or later
  • At least 4 CPU cores
  • For detailed system requirements please contact us.