just:live is a live production playout solution for video and real-time graphics. It streamlines the playout of videos and real-time graphics in any live environment while maintaining full control over the production workflow.

Live Playout

Manage and control the playout of videos, multiple layers of real-time graphics, and router control/GPI events manually, in a single interface with multiuser support.

Smart User Interface

The smart graphical user interface provides an unlimited, frame-accurate review and preview of all scheduled video items.

Have a Break

Set in- and out-points and split clips on-the-fly to insert commercials. Use placeholders to add videos at a later time.

Build, Monitor and Control

just:live’s integrated timeline allows operators to build rundown sequences and monitor the progress of currently playing clips.

Finished Actions

Advanced finished actions for each clip like play next, cue, reload, hold and cue or loop.

Industry Proven

Major broadcast file format and codec support, back-to-back playout of mixed container formats, codecs, aspect ratios, pixel sizes, and field orders.

Goodbye Tape

Designed for tapeless workflows, just:live fully integrates into standard MAM and storage solutions.

Standards Matter

ToolsOnAir’s playout products rely on standard hardware from Apple, AJA and Blackmagic Design.

UHD – Yes We Can

SD/HD and UHDp60 – SDI playout of video and multiple layers of real-time graphics using qualified hardware from Apple, AJA, and Blackmagic Design.

Supported Codecs & Containers

Supported Codecs

  • HDV
  • All Apple ProRes Codecs
  • MPEG-2 , MPEG-4, H.264
  • AVC-Intra
  • Avid DNxHD®/Avid DNxHR® (decoder)
  • JPEG
  • Apple Animation Codec

Supported Containers

  • MOV, MP4, M4V
  • MXF

Supported Frame Rates

  • 23.976, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
  • Supported frame rates are container and codec specific. Codec support depending on installed Apple Pro Codecs.

System Requirements

  • Qualified Mac Pro or Mac mini (Intel) – please check online user manual
  • Version 2.7: Apple macOS Mojave (10.14.x)
  • Version 3.0: Apple macOS Catalina (10.15.x)
  • Minimum of 12 GB RAM
  • Support for AJA and Blackmagic Design video devices
  • For detailed system requirements please consult the online user manual or contact us