What’s New in the just:in solution line version 5.0

Learn about new features and enhancements available in version 5.0 of the just:in linux solution line – RELEASED

NEW – Updated UHD and UHD2 just:in linux server appliances (2U-Chassis)

Our ingest team focused on expanding the density of UHD recordings with new configurations of the just:in linux server appliances.

You are now able to record multiple UHD HDR SDI channels in Apple ProRes 422 HQ (.MOV) or Avid DNxHR (.MXF) as well as Proxy formats. In addition to that this appliance is ready for UHD2 recording!

Additionally, this new just:in linux server generation is equipped with an internal SSD RAID and other I/O ports to perfectly fit in every production workflow.

Detailed information about the hardware specification of the new just:in linux appliance server generation can be found here.

NEW – Updated HDD and SSD just:in linux server appliances (1U-Chassis)

The current hardware configurations got extended with additional internal RAID options and new video boards, where customers can decide between a HDD RAID or a SSD RAID and between SDI, HDMI or IP input cards and mix different inputs formats as well.

These 1U appliances are built to support up to 8 HD and up to
2 UHD recordings.

Detailed information about the hardware specification of the new just:in linux appliance server generation can be found here.

NEW – Additional codec/container support

just:in linux version 5.0 can now be used in Avid environments as the new version adds supports for the Avid DNxHD and DNxHR codecs in the MXF OP1a container.

These new codec options extend the already impressive container and codec range and provide the same and well-known stability and performance, as previous just:in linux versions. The existing Capture Presets options, like the Burnt-In-Timecode or Audio Mapping feature, can be used with DNxHD and DNxHR as well.

Additionally, just:in linux users can work with AVI or MPEG-TS containers and support for Uncompressed 4:2:2 frames recording has been added. Capture Preset features, like Burnt-In-Timecode, Audio Mapping or the new logo overlay feature, can be used with these new option as well.

NEWImage/Logo Overlay for Capture Presets

With the new “Overlay logo” option for Capture Presets, just:in linux users can use a custom image, which will be used as an overlay, like a corner logo, for their recordings. This is useful for Proxy recordings or workflows, where operators want to mark separate recorded files of specific channels.

NEW – Full NDI® Support

just:in linux version 5.0 can receive multiple channels of video and audio from any NDI® compatible device in SD and HD. The NDI® integration provides the same functionality for channel inputs as it does for traditional SDI sources.

NEW – SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Support

just:in linux version 5.0 supports multiple channels of video and audio from any SRT compatible source. The SRT integration provides the same functionality for channel inputs as it does for traditional SDI or HDMI sources.

NEW – UHD2 Support

The new UHD just:in linux appliance enables the possibility to record UHD2 content as well. Apple ProRes/MOV is the currently supported recording format.

NEW – Markers for Adobe Premiere Pro

This new feature within just:in linux enables the user to set Markers during a recording or ingest session, these markers can be seen within Adobe Premiere Pro directly in the timeline and/or viewer. Such Markers can be used for all kind of sport recordings, such as soccer or football or any recording where the operator needs to mark highlights, scenes or specific actions for the post-production team to find seamlessly. With Marker Sets, users can define different Marker types for their different recordings. Markers are available for input signal types such as SDI, HDMI, NDI and SRT.

NEW – Video Encoder Threads Setting

The Video Encoder Thread setting in just:in linux version 5.0 brings more flexibility when it comes to multi-channel and multi-format setups, where users can adjust the CPU access of channels to provide more CPU power for single UHD channels and to lower the CPU access for HD or SD channels or for channels, which are only recording proxies and therefore do not have such performance needs.

NEW – Automatic Output Conversion

Based on the well-known just:in Capture Presets logic, it is now possible to convert the incoming signal (SDI, HDMI, NDI®, or SRT) to the given frame rate and resolution settings of the selected Capture Preset(s).

NEW – User and Template Management

In just:control (the control application of the just:in linux solution) you can now login as a specified user and select a previously saved multi-viewer layout template to speed up your ingest operations.

NEW – Web-based Appliance Management UI

just:in linux version 5.0 now features a web-based appliance management user interface to significantly simplify the setup of appliance server parameters such as network interface, SMB share point and Users and Groups settings. The new management UI also displays important information such as overall system health, CPU usage, network bandwidth and running services.

What’s New in just:in version 4.0

Learn about new features and enhancements available in the current version 4.0.x of just:in.

New macOS Mojave/Catalina User Interface and Central Configuration Option

just:in v.4.0 uses a native macOS Mojave User Interface, which means, that just:in recognises the macOS General Settings, like Appearance (Light Mode, Dark Mode) or Accent colour. You can force either the Light or the Dark Mode within the application settings. Furthermore, v4.0 comes with a completely redesigned Channel Viewer Area and the new version also brings more flexibility for the Channel Viewer Configuration. The Channel Connection Process was redesigned as well and moved into the Inspector, where we also introduced Tabs in v4.0. Lastly, the whole configuration of the engine and channels were moved into the User Interface, which means, that all engines and channels can be easily configured on a single machine.


just:in v.4.0 uses the latest SDKs from AJA and BMD and therefore support all new I/O devices from both vendors.

Channel Grouping ability

just:in v.4.0 introduces the concept of group channeling. Channel groups can be created by simply moving channels to the appropriate tab in the Inspector. Groups can then be selected with freely configurable keyboard shortcuts or with appropriate selection boxes within the Inspector.

Markers for Adobe Premiere

This new feature is a great add-on to the already impressive just:in feature set. With Markers it is now possible to mark/annotate anything in a recording and these Markers can then be seen in Adobe Premiere Pro. Each channel can use a different Marker Set, which can be created in the configuration area. Also Markers can be set with freely configurable keyboard shortcuts. Please take a look at this video to see how this feature is working.

Audio Mapping in Capture Presets

The Audio Mapping feature enables customers the ability to configure the audio output mapping in Capture Presets. This feature can be used in any Capture Preset.

Pre- and Post-recording Tasks

In addition to the post-recording scripting capability in earlier versions, it is now possible to create one or more pre- and/or post-recording Tasks (=scripts), which will be executed at the Start and/or Stop Recording process.

Improved Metadata Capabilities

In just:in v.4.0 metadata can also be exported to a JSON-file and new elements, like the DateTimePicker, are available for any Metadata set.

Improved Schedule Mode Process

just:in v.4.0 changes how the Schedule Mode is working in regards to how just:in is getting the event information. In this new version, this process is done by the UI, instead of the Engine, which means the Calendar application on the UI can be used for that. just:in v.4.0 customers do not longer have to use set up the Calendar application on each engine, which is very helpful for setups with more engine machines. Additionally, you can adjust the End Time of Scheduled Events while recording, so that operators can shorten or extend the scheduled recording events while recording.

Improved Engine Window and Error Section

In just:in v.4.0 all recording queues can be seen within the Engine Diagnostic Window and the improved Error Section within the Inspector provides simple error messages to help to identify problems.

Improved AVF recording process

just:in v.4.0 also improves the AVF (AV Foundation .MOV container) recording and writing process, especially when recording to NAS or SAN systems.

Just In.app is now called Just Control.app

The former Just In control application has been replaced by the Just Control application and resides within the macOS Applications folder.