What’s New in just:play and just:live Version 3.1

Learn about new features and enhancements available in the release version 3.1 of just:play and just:live – RELEASED

NEW – Ready for macOS Catalina (10.15.x) and macOS Big Sur (11.x)

just:play and just:live have been redesigned to accommodate the latest macOS features and are now fully macOS Catalina (10.15) and macOS Big Sur (11.x) certified. Full support for the advanced video technology AVFoundation from Apple improves the speed and stability of our engine even further and ensures flawless playout from SD to UHD. In addition to that in version 3.1, you can assign more memory to a single application, which means, that memory-related functions like the playout buffer can be increased substantially. Instead of a maximum buffer of 0.5 seconds, a maximum buffer of 10 seconds can now be defined for a UHD channel, resulting in a playout signal which is less depending on the speed and stability of the surrounding hardware.

NEW – Unified User Interface – One fits all

We unified the formerly separately available control interfaces into one common application, namely just:control, to ease up both the configuration and the operation of our playout solutions. Whether you‘re using just:live, just:play or just:in: all ToolsOnAir applications can be controlled by using a common user interface – just:control. The ability to use different looks like the grid view, the quick look view, the tab view as well as the integrated interfaces just:live and just:play, allow the operator to choose the perfect interface for the current workflow. Tasks like start/stop recording or to end a live event can be executed in the same interface by a single mouse click, thanks to the Group function of just:control.

NEW – Full SDK support for AJA and BMD devices

Version 3 also introduces full SDK support for video devices from AJA and Blackmagic Design. This provides much deeper integration with the given video devices, which is the foundation for new features and functions like future multi-card and multiple out support on a single machine. Support for higher frame rates such as p60 and higher resolutions such as UHD is now possible and thanks to the reduced number of software components used to access the hardware, the stability is further increased and the channels setup vastly improved.

ENHANCED – Usability Improvement

The first time installation experience has been improved thanks to a new unified wizard that guides the user through the initial setup process and is available for just:in, just:live and just:play. In addition to that, many improvements have been added to the user interfaces of the playout applications just:live and just:play. It is now possible to open and collapse parts of the interface like the Library and the Inspector using keyboard shortcuts. This also works with the completely new full-size Trim window which now also supports JKL control. Further improvements are the ability to sort media in the Library by every kind of metadata and the configurable timecode and audio bar overlays of the “On Air” and “Coming Next” windows.

What’s New in just:play and just:live versions 2.5 – 2.7

Learn about new features and enhancements available in the current versions 2.5 – 2.7 of just:play and just:live

Version 2.7 Changes – just:live & just:play

  • This version brings official support for macOS Mojave. Please use AJA driver version 14.2.1 and the latest driver version from BMD depending on the video device used.
  • Support for the ability to control just:in v4 engines using Events. This version supports ONLY just:in v4 and higher and does not support v3.x of just:in. Please use v2.6 to control just:in v3.x engines.
  • Growing or copying files are supported now. Such files are shown in Italic in the Library until they finished growing/copying but can be played out already. The ability to preview growing/copying files is disabled.
  • Stability and speed improvements as well as several bugfixes.

Version 2.6 Changes – just:play only

  • It is now possible to execute a “jump to next” even if nothing at all is scheduled after the on-air event (will jump to black).
  • If you attempt to switch to a channel within just:play using the drop-down menu, an error is now displayed if the channel isn’t reachable (e.g. just:connect is not running, or the channel is incorrectly configured), and the previous channel remains connected.

Version 2.6 Changes – just:live only

  • The current document name and the name of the connected channel are now displayed in just:live’s toolbar.
  • There is a new “Log out” menu item that returns you to the channel connect window. This allows you to switch channels without needing to quit and re-start just:live.

Version 2.6 Changes – just:live & just:play

  • Stability and speed improvements, several bugfixes.
  • It is now possible to define “just:in” events in just:connect and then add them to the library events tab. You can define events to start or stop just:in recording, or do a timed record with a specific duration.
  • Added six new metadata columns to the library: “Date Created”, “Date Modified”, “Data Added”, “Last Opened”, “Kind” and “Tags”.
  • Fixed an issue when starting the system with just:out started by Stay Alive that could cause unexpected results with an AJA device.
  • Renamed the “Fast Setup” links in the installer to “Getting Started” and set the correct icon for all such links.
  • There are new codec-based decoding strategy options in just:connect in the “Advanced” tab. Here you can specify how just:out should decode specific codecs.The options are legacy QuickTime, AVFoundation within just:out (i.e. a 32-bit process), or an external 64-bit AVFoundation decoder. Normally you should not change these options unless instructed to do so by a ToolsOnAir support engineer or partner. This can be used to fix some crashes related to decoding specifc video files using AVFoundation in 32-bit.

Version 2.5 Changes – just:play only

  • Optional just:next to execute the jump to next on several channels with a single mouse click.
  • Placeholder clips within a playlist can now be automatically “linked” or updated with a file. To achieve this, ensure that the placeholder’s name matches exactly the name of the movie that will be created at some point (including file extension).
  • The status of the channel’s main engine is now displayed with a “traffic light” system for buffer and CPU temperature. Yellow lights mean a warning, while red lights mean something requires immediate attention.
  • Double-clicking an item in the library now adds it to the selected playlist in the workbench.
  • A color code can now be used to turn an infinite graphics off. Such a color code can be defined on finder level or within the just:play user interface

Version 2.5 Changes – just:live only

  • There is now a complete new control area available in just:live, where the status of the channel’s main engine is now displayed with a “traffic light” system for buffer and CPU temperature. Yellow lights mean a warning, while red lights mean something requires immediate attention.
  • It is now possible to drag and drop items scheduled in the timeline to re-order them.
  • It is now possible to double-click an item or items in the library to add it/them to the currently selected folder on the workbench.
  • Start action – This action can be defined like the finished actions and could include a GPI trigger or BMD ATEM commands but maybe also execute on:core workflows.
  • New Finished Action option (like the loop) to trigger a workflow or event.

Version 2.5 Changes – just:live & just:play

just:store offers a unique interface, high performance, reliable hardware and storage up to 192 TB

  • Stability and speed improvements, several bugfixes.
  • Support for the play out of movies wrapped into an .mkv container format.
  • Extended “Stay Alive” in the Tools On Air System Preferences pane to included “scheduled restarting” of all applications.
  • The size of the proxy preview sent from just:out to just:connect and then onto just:live/play can now be defined in just:connect in the channel’s format settings.
  • With multiple “on-line” channels in just:connect, the proxy previews in just:live/play now function for all channels, not just the currently selected channel in just:connect.
  • When reading metadata for the library, a “sidecar” XML file is automatically generated for each file to store the metadata. When the metadata is again requested (e.g. when starting just:play again, or running just:play on a second system), the metadata will be read from this sidecar file instead of the file itself.
  • It is now possible to define a “Filler movie” in the “Advanced” tab for a channel in just:connect. Once defined, the filler movie will play in a loop whenever just:out detects that no movie is currently playing on the main video layer.
  • Customers with a valid maintenance contract with Tools On Air are entitled to one free license to test onCore Designer.
  • Added two additional fields to the “Advanced” tab in just:connect, both related to automatically re-starting just:out under certain conditions.
  • For channels using redundancy, if the master engine fails the slave engine will now send all diagnostics (including the proxy preview) to just:connect and then onto just:live/play.Optional failover solution based on an AJA Kumo switcher or a BMD ATEM switch.