Press Release NAB 2023: ToolsOnAir Announces Enhanced version 5.5 of its just: in linux ingest solution and the new version 4.2 of its just: live and just: play playout solutions.

Vienna, Austria, April 13th, 2023 – ToolsOnAir today announced greatly enhanced versions of their ingest and playout solutions for macOS and Linux.

“On schedule for the start of the NAB 2023 show in Las Vegas, we have added important features and functionality to our ingest and playout solutionsto ensure better and easier ways to integrate with third-party devices and automation systems” says Peter Steiner, Head of Worldwide Sales at ToolsOnAir.

What’s New in just: in linux version 5.5:

Version 5.5 of just: in linux, our versatile enterprise-grade client-server ingest solution designed to provide high-density HD/UHD multichannel recordings of SDI, HDMI, NDI®, and SRT sources, introduced Event Presets that can perform different recording or notification tasks as well as trigger or control qualified hardware devices. With these enhanced workflow additions, one could, for example, start a backup recording on qualified hardware digital recorders such as the Ki Pro devices from AJA or the HyperDeck devices from Blackmagic Design, invoke an Apple- or Bash Script to trigger notifications and file-related actions, or create and make REST API calls to 3rd party system in a very easy and straightforward way.

The new REST API as well as additional VDCP support, available at first for just: in linux v.5.5, is expected to deliver broadcasters even more flexibility, third-party integration comfort, and remote control with and from other systems and applications using industry-standard protocols.

“With the addition of these workflow and production oriented ehancements to just:in linux, we believe that our ingest solutions will further increase our customer’s production flexibility and operational safety” adds Christian Schabasser, Senior Product Manager Ingest Solutions at ToolsOnAir.

What’s New in just: live and just: play version 4.2:

“Since their first inception, our playout solutions for the macOS platform have been designed to provide the ability to control and trigger events as an essential part of the feature set” says Georg Deisting, Senior Product Manager Playout Solutions.

Starting with version 4.0 of our playout solutions, the Event capabilities were expanded by adding support for HTTP/AppleScript and the ability to insert frame-accurate SCTE-104 triggers into the outgoing SDI signal. The new version 4.2 will introduce a new method to execute such events called “Rules”. Rules allow an unlimited number of events to be executed based on time (per day, hour, minute, or second) so that there is no need to schedule repeating events in the timeline anymore. A specific use of the Rules mechanism is Automated Failover Control, which monitors the playout engine for health issues and triggers frame accurate events such as switching to a redundant engine, a router port, or sending an email notification, to mitigate the impacts in case of an on-air engine failure or the necessity to perform channel maintenance tasks.

“In summary, we are convinced that these customer-oriented enhancement throughtout the releases of version 4 have further strengthened the versatility, market conformity and uniqueness of our professional playout solutions for the macOS platform” says Georg Deisting, Senior Product Manager Playout Solutions.

All new and enhanced versions can be downloaded for evaluation purposes from the respective landing pages, as soon as they become available, and customers with an active Support and Software Maintenance contract are entitled to update or upgrade to the latest versions at any time.

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ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering GmbH, based in Vienna-Austria, pioneered and introduced the concept of the “TV Station in a Mac” over a decade ago and offers highly innovative, versatile, and intuitive ingest and playout solutions for macOS or Linux, to accommodate the daily needs of a TV station or broadcast production facility whilst maintaining a cost-effective approach.