Press Release: ToolsOnAir Launches Enhanced Version 5.5 of its just:in mac and just:in linux ingest solutions and new Version 4.1 of its just:live and just:play playout solutions.

Vienna, Austria, December 12th, 2022 – ToolsOnAir today announced the immediate availability of greatly enhanced and fully macOS Ventura compatible versions of their just:in mac/just:in linux v.5.5 ingest and just:live/just:play v.4.1 playout solutions.

“We have not only used the last months to further enhance our ingest solutions, especially for macOS Ventura compatibility, but also to ensure better and easier ways to integrate with third-party devices” says Peter Steiner, Head of Worldwide Sales at ToolsOnAir.

What’s New in just:in mac and just: linux version 5.5:

Version 5.5 is macOS Ventura (13.x) certified and fully qualified to run natively on the Apple silicon architecture including the amazing Apple Mac Studio models. The combination of this highly efficient and powerful system architecture from Apple and our professional ingest solution offers many advantages and benefits to both our customers and our future innovations. Version 5.5 will still support macOS Monterey (12.6.x), macOS Big Sur (11.7.x) as well macOS Catalina (10.15.7) to ensure full deployment flexibility and safeguard our customer’s investment in our solutions. 

Version 5.5 introduced Event Presets that can perform different recording or notification tasks as well as trigger or control qualified hardware devices. With these enhanced workflow additions, one could, for example, start a backup recording on qualified hardware digital recorders such as the Ki Pro devices from AJA or the HyperDeck devices from Blackmagic Design, invoke an Apple- or Bash Script to trigger notifications and file-related actions, or create and make REST API calls to 3rd party system in a very easy and straightforward way.

“With these workflow and production oriented additions to both just:in mac and just:in linux, we believe that this enhanced release will further increase our customer’s production flexibility and operational safety” says Christian Schabasser, Senior Product Manager Ingest Solutions at ToolsOnAir.

What’s New in just:live and just:play version 4.1:

Version 4.1 of ToolsOnAir’s playout solutions just:live and just:play introduces the official macOS Ventura (13.x) support on both Intel- and Apple silicon-based Mac minis / Mac Studios. Compatibility with macOS Catalina (10.15.7) has been partially tested and Version 4.1 is expected to run on this version of macOS as well.

“In line with our “Back To The Mac” slogan, we have made sure that all of our playout solutions are fully macOS Ventura and Apple silicon qualified to ensure best-in-class operations and performance” adds Peter Steiner, Head of Worldwide Sales at ToolsOnAir.

In addition to macOS Ventura compatibility, more enhancements and new features have been added to both just:live and just:play. With Version 4.1 it is now possible to preview and trim growing movie files both in the Library for scheduled items (e.g. in just:live’s Workbench). While the movie is selected but not “loaded” in the preview (only showing the poster frame), the overlay will show the clip’s current duration as it grows. Once “loaded” (e.g. after playing the movie), the movie will no longer update automatically and you can only preview/play the clip up to the duration when you started playing the movie.

It is even more convenient now to synchronise In-Points and Poster Frames with the new addition of a selectable option in the Playout preferences so that after trimming a scheduled movie, the poster frame is automatically set to the new In-Point.

Version 4.0 introduced SCTE-104 support and has been enhanced with a highly requested “Splice Null Request” option to better accommodate different SCTE-104 splicing requirements.

To round up the overall package, the Failover Control function has been improved to further extend operational safety. In Version 4.1, when a channel with “Failover Control” activated is stopped in Just Control, the channel now first switches to the “REDUNDANT” state, including firing any defined events. This will remain the active Failover Control state until the channel is restarted.

“In summary, we are convinced that these customer-oriented adaptations have further strengthened the versatility, market conformity and uniqueness of our professional playout solutions for the macOS platform” says Georg Deisting, Senior Product Manager Playout Solutions.

All new and enhanced versions can be downloaded for evaluation purposes from the respective landing pages and customers with an active Support and Software Maintenance contract are entitled to update or upgrade to the latest versions at any time.

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ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering GmbH, based in Vienna-Austria, pioneered and introduced the concept of the “TV Station in a Mac” over a decade ago and offers highly innovative, versatile, and intuitive ingest and playout solutions for macOS or Linux, to accommodate the daily needs of a TV station or broadcast production facility whilst maintaining a cost-effective approach.