Press Release: ToolsOnAir Launches New Version 5.0 of just:in mac and Version 3.1 of its just:live/just:play solutions.

Vienna, Austria, July 1st, 2021 – ToolsOnAir today unveiled version 5.0 of their acclaimed macOS-based just:in mac ingest and version 3.1 of just:live and just:play playout solutions, featuring additional functionalities and many improvements requested by customers and in line with current industry standards.

What’s New in just:in mac version 5.0:

just:in mac version 5.0 is ToolsOnAir’s macOS-based client-server ingest solution designed to capture SDI, HDMI, NDI®, multicamera, and VTR sources using industry-standard Crash, Batch, or Scheduled recording modes.

“With the latest release of just:in mac version 5.0, we have laid the foundation for current and future Apple hardware and software versions and thus confirmed our repeated commitment to the Apple platform. In addition to the already known standard features of just:in mac, version 5.0 introduces the highly requested NDI® input source and Avid DNxHD/DNxHR codec support (MXF OP1a container) as well as full compatibility with macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur. Native Apple Silicon support will follow with a timely update, once all needed third-party components have qualified for Apple Silicon-based computers” says Christian Schabasser, Senior Product Manager Ingest Solutions at ToolsOnAir.

In combination with Sonnet Technologies’ new Duo Modo Expansion Systems, just:in mac version 5.0 is the perfect solution to capture up to 4x HD channels on a single Mac mini. The Sonnet DuoModo Expansion System brings our customers the flexibility to combine the xMac mini module, with up to an optional 16 TB of internal storage and the Echo III module that can accommodate PCIe 3.0 SDI video device cards from AJA Video Systems or Blackmagic Design, and for dual networking needs, adapters such as the Sonnet Solo or Presto 10 GbE cards. This highly efficient hardware setup makes the just: in mac version 5.0/Sonnet appliance the perfect solution for budget-sensitive yet professional broadcast ingest operations.

What’s New in just:live and just:play version 3.1:

The new version 3.1 of ToolsOnAir’s playout solutions just:play and just:live has been focused on providing full macOS Big Sur support on Intel-based Macs and to ensure readiness for future Apple macOS versions to come. Alongside usability improvements, version 3.1 features extended logging and a new log archiving mechanism, the addition of the new event types HTTP(S) and TCP to allow a URL to be constructed and sent to a server that supports an HTTP (REST) API as well as bugfixes. Native Apple Silicon support will follow with a timely update, once all needed third-party components have qualified for Apple Silicon-based computers.

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