Press Release: ToolsOnAir Launches Updated Version of Markers Ingest Workflow for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Vienna, Austria, December 16, 2020 – Today ToolsOnAir unveiled the innovative version 5.0 of just:in linux. Among the many new capabilities, improvements and stability advancements for remote production workflows, an improved version of the Markers feature for Adobe® Premiere® Pro is included.

This updated feature allows operators to set Markers during recording or ingest sessions via SDI, NDI®,HDMI or over SRT. The Markers are then directly displayed in the Premiere Pro Timeline for editorial and review. Markers can be used for sports content, such as soccer or football, or for any recording where the operator needs to flag highlights, scenes or specific actions to enhance and speed up the post-production workflow. The user can define Marker Sets, with different Marker types to further facilitate the setup of event-specific recordings.

“We believe that this is a great addition to our already powerful feature set within just:in linux and a feature that will be highly appreciated especially by fast turnaround post- and remote production teams, not only for its simplicity but especially for its time-saving benefits,” says Christian Schabasser, Senior Ingest Product Manager at ToolsOnAir.

“Adobe has always provided an open platform to our partners and developers to enhance post-production workflows,”  says Sue Skidmore, head of Partner Relations for Video at Adobe. “ToolsOnAir’s Markers feature is an intuitive addition to expedite time-critical editing tasks for Adobe Premiere Pro users.” 

The updated Markers feature works with both MOV and MXF containers and is included with every upgrade to just:in linux version 5.0. A short demo video of the Markers feature is available at:


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