Professional broadcast workflows place ultimate demands on a storage solution: speed, reliability, consistent bandwidth as well as easy scalability. just:store unites these requirements at a very competitive price.

End-of-Sale/End-of-Life/End-of-Support for just:store solutions
During the life cycle of any TOA software /appliance solution, there may come a time when it is superseded by a superior offering or when it is considered no longer technically or commercially viable to provide full ongoing development and support commitment.
Reasons for TOA to discontinue software/appliance solutions may vary but typically involve common scenarios, such as:
– Advancements within the broadcast industry or superior offerings make the product or solution obsolete
– Market demand for the software/appliance solution no longer justifies development resources required
– Market opportunities shift corporate priorities
– The software/appliance solution has simply reached the end of its technology lifecycle
– Sourcing of required hardware components becomes unsustainable and/or component quality issues or shortages prevent the continuation of the sales and solution lifecycle

TOA therefore has decided to declare the just:store hardware and software solutions to End of Sale and End of Live as of October 2022.

Please contact ToolsOnAir at moc.rianosloot@selas to receive more information!

Thank you very much for your understanding and continued support!

The ToolsOnAir Team