Thank You for visiting us at NAB 2024!

Thank you for joining us at the ToolsOnAir booth during NAB Show 2024!
We were delighted to showcase our latest innovations and appreciate your interest in our advanced broadcasting solutions.

Missed us at the show? No worries! Reach out at moc.rianosloot@selas to arrange a personalized demo. Discover how our solutions can elevate your broadcast operations.

We’re pleased to announce that we will return to NAB Show next year at the South Lower Hall, Booth SL4708. We look forward to continuing our conversation and presenting more groundbreaking solutions.


CAPTURE ON MAC & LINUX – ON-Premise – In the Cloud – Hybrid

We’re pleased to announce that ToolsOnAir will exhibit again at NAB 2024, showcasing our acclaimed capture solutions for macOS and Linux operating systems. Whether you’re looking for compact recording options or need to manage premium live broadcast events, our just:in mac and just:in linux capture solutions provide a robust and widely utilised feature set that you can rely on for your everyday production tasks.

This year’s NAB slogan is “Capture,” perfectly aligning with our mission to provide premium capture solution for macOS and Linux. Furthermore, at NAB 2024, we’re emphasising on powerful integrations with media management and post-production collaboration systems.


-) MXF OP-Atom container support for just:in linux.
-) Avid Interplay File Check In for just:in linux.
-) SRT, UDP and ST-2110 (Blackmagic Design DeckLink IP cards) support for just:in mac.
-) External Audio Sources processing in just:in mac with support for USB or IP devices such as Dante, Behringer, Focusrite, MOTU and many more.
-) Support for macOS Cloud workflows with SRT/UDP inputs.
-) Support for Hybrid Workflows with Capture Servers available On-Premise and in the Cloud
-) Introduction of weekly and monthly subscription price packages to use just:in mac as a SaaS solution.
-) HLS Output stream for just:in mac.
-) Powerful REST API with native Swagger interface.

Leave nothing unheard

Seamlessly record your audio mixer output alongside your video signal, eliminating the necessity for an SDI audio embedder. The use of external audio sources allows for the capturing, mapping, and adjustable synchronization of incoming audio. If your audio capture hardware features USB connections or utilizes network audio solutions like Dante and is accessible by macOS, it will seamlessly integrate with SDI video sources within just:in mac.

Redesigned integration with the iconik Media Management and Collaboration system

just:in mac and just:in linux v.6.x host an innovative feature that streamlines your integration with the iconik ecosystem. Driven by the desire for efficient automation, just:in mac/linux effortlessly manages asset uploads and Proxy generation, highly reducing the solution’s complexity, while increasing its overall efficiency.

This automation eliminates manual intervention and accelerates your content’s availability for seamless post-production workflows. Depending on your ISG (iconik Storage Gateway) upload setting, the benefits can be further extended. If configured, the high-resolution file can automatically find its way to the iconik system, or alternatively remain securely stored in its on-premise location. This flexibility ensures that you’re always in control, tailoring the workflow to your specific needs. Access to the admin section of the dedicated iconik account is required, as specific storage IDs are a prerequisite for the overall workflow configuration.

PLAYOUT ON MAC – ON-Premise – In the Cloud – Hybrid

As we gear up for NAB 2024, ToolsOnAir is excited to announce ground-breaking advancements in our playout solutions, just:play and just:live, establishing a fresh benchmark for the broadcast industry. This year, our focus is on including industry standard IP transport technologies such as SRT, UDP, and ST-2110 as output formats, in addition to SDI and NDI®, marking a significant leap forward in the versatility and performance of our offerings.


Advanced Support for SRT, UDP, and ST 2110: We’ve extended support for SRT, UDP, and ST- 2110 (via the Blackmagic Design DeckLink IP cards) for just:play/live, ensuring our solutions remain at the vanguard of broadcasting technology.

Enhanced Cloud Workflows: Embracing the cloud has never been easier. Our solutions now support macOS cloud workflows with SRT/UDP live input and output, enabling seamless and flexible broadcasting capabilities.

Hybrid Workflow Compatibility: With the new hybrid workflow support, ToolsOnAir facilitates a smooth integration of Playout Servers, whether they’re On-Premise or in the Cloud, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Exciting FAST CHANNEL Pricing Packages: In response to our customers’ diverse needs, we’re unveiling new weekly and monthly FAST CHANNEL price packages for just:play and just:live. These tailored packages present our state-of-the-art solutions as a service, ensuring both versatility and affordability.

A Milestone for macOS-based Playout Solutions

ToolsOnAir takes pride in its pioneering role in providing a macOS-based playout solution that operates On-Premise, In the Cloud, or in a Hybrid configuration. This adaptability highlights our dedication to innovation and delivering the most advanced and dependable broadcasting solutions available on the macOS platform to our customers.

Join us at NAB 2024 and witness first-hand how ToolsOnAir is modernising our solutions to serve the broadcast industry. Explore our latest advancements that can enhance your broadcasting capabilities, enabling you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving media landscape.