Press Release: ToolsOnAir to release new major versions of their Capture and Playout flagship solutions for macOS.

Vienna, Austria. June 7th, 2024 – ToolsOnAir, a leading provider of broadcast solutions for the macOS and Linux platforms, released version 6.5 of just: in mac, just:in mac lite, just:in mac lite NDI as well as version 5.5 of just:live and just:live.

“We are pleased to release new major versions of our capture and playout solutions featuring additional input and output sources, namely SRT, UDP and ST-2110. This makes our capture and playout solutions the first macOS applications in the professional broadcast market to offer this extensive capability. With this update, you can now record SRT, UDP and ST-2110 feeds directly within just:in mac and play them out with either just:live or just:play. ” says Peter Steiner, Head of Worldwide Sales at ToolsOnAir.

New Version 6.5 of ToolsOnAir’s Client Server Capture Solutions for macOS

Version 6.5 of just:in mac features exciting improvements to confirm our commitment to the macOS platform. Highly mentionable are the support for SRT, UDP and ST-2110 sources to complement SDI and NDI®, a new Dropped Frame Strategy allowing operators to manage dropped video frames more effectively and version updates of the supported SDK from AJA (v.17.0.1 and higher), Blackmagic Design (v.14.0.x) and NDI (v.6.0.x).

ToolsOnAir’s entry-level capture products just:in mac lite and just:in mac lite NDI have also been updated to version 6.5 featuring the new Dropped Frame Strategy.

All flavours of the just:in mac solution line for macOS are available for download on the respective landing pages on

New Version 5 of ToolsOnAir’s Client-Server Playout Solutions for macOS

Version 5.5 of just:live and just:play, introduces SRT, UDP and ST-2110 in/out capabilities with resolution support up to UHD, including extensive VANC data support for both the output and the live input. SRT and UDP streams support the SMPTE 2038 specifications and ATSC A/53 closed captions in the MPEG transport stream, as well as SCTE-35 events in the MPEG transport stream for both the output and the live input. When using a live input, SCTE-35 is disabled if the stream contains SMPTE 2038 information. Any SCTE-104 events scheduled using the “Event” option will be automatically converted to SCTE-35. Additionally, SRT and UDP, streams with MP2 (MPEG-1 Layer II) audio tracks in the MPEG transport stream are now supported in addition to AAC-encoded audio.

In line with the capture solutions, all supported SDK from AJA (v.17.0.1 and higher), Blackmagic Design (v.14.0x-Desktop and v.9.5-ATEM) and NDI® (v.6.0.x) have also been updated.

All macOS-based solutions are ready to be run on macOS Sonoma with Apple silicon as the preferred and recommended hardware.

For additional information about our solutions and services, kindly direct your inquiries to moc.rianosloot@selas or visit our official website at


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ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering GmbH, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, pioneered the innovative concept of a “TV station in a Mac.” The company offers a remarkable range of innovative, powerful, and versatile capture, playout and live captions solutions that run on either macOS or Linux platforms. These solutions are designed to address the diverse and demanding requirements of TV stations, broadcast production facilities, houses of worship, and agencies in the education and government sectors, all while maintaining a cost-effective approach.