composition:builder is a realtime graphics template editor for just:live and just:play and enables small and mid-sized TV stations to easily create and implement professional realtime graphic templates.


With its clean user interface and powerful feature set, composition:builder enables small and mid-sized TV stations to easily create and implement professional realtime graphic templates for news, weather, stock exchange, sports, and other broadcast applications. The graphic templates can be used within just:play and just:live. Professional quality graphics development no longer has to cost a fortune.

Quality & Flexibility

Designers are able to create realtime graphic templates that can be easily customized at air time, maintaining pristine, professional quality graphics throughout the process. composition:builder templates can be updated manually and automatically in just:play and just:live. Out-of-the-box support for XML files, coupled with the powerful XPath query language enables data extraction from local or networked files, making the creation of live news tickers, weather, stock exchange, music channel inserts and traffic info graphics a simple task.

Free Graphic Templates Package

composition:builder comes with a package of pre-designed templates which can be used and modified for free. Drop them into any graphics layer in just:play or just:live to play them out concurrently with any video clip. In addition the smart and yet powerful “stopframe” approach allows you to dynamically extend the duration of graphic templates, while maintaining the individual duration of animations within a template. Changes to graphics and information sources can be easily made during playout and brought to air in realtime – even with remote, web-based customized control interfaces which can be used with any web-browser (on desktop and mobile devices).

Extensibility & Reliability

composition:builder is designed to interface with Apple’s Quartz Composer technology, enabling you to create own custom components in Quartz Composer to extend your graphic templates. Based on Apple’s proven, robust OS X, composition:builder is a fully native Apple Xcode development, compatible with any current Apple Mac Pro and selected iMac and Mac mini models.

Key Features

  • Keyframe/timeline-based editor for realtime broadcast graphics creation
  • Versatile repository providing text elements, geometric shapes, image- and movie-elements
  • Native import of Adobe® Photoshop® (PSD) and Apple Quartz Composer (QTZ) files
  • Integration of raw text, RTF, XML and RSS file parsing
  • Straightforward data query via XPath query language
  • Supports standard broadcast formats (PAL, NTSC, HD 720, HD 1080, UHD and 4K)
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Display of live date and time information with extensive parameterization
  • Capability to show info about current/upcoming video clips which are scheduled in just:play/just:live
  • Almost unlimited extensibility using Apple’s Quartz Composer
  • Attributes of graphic elements can be exposed to just:play/just:live for on-the-fly editing
  • DVE added to a video or live signal as part of the composition
  • Option to embed resources to have standalone compositions
  • Optional web-based (web-browser – desktop or mobile) custom control user interfaces

System Requirements

  • Any current Mac Pro, iMac or Mac mini
  • Minimum of 12 GB RAM
  • OS X 10.10.5 or later
  • For detailed system requirements please consult the online user manual or contact us